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    Modena Sitar

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    This electric sitar is a unique instrument that utilizes the Gotoh Buzz bridge producing the sympathetic string sound of a traditional sitar. In addition to the unique sound is the mini-harp on the upper part of the body. Tuned in half-steps, this mini-harp has its own lipstick pickup and produces resonating overtones to the primary strings. In effect, the ITALIA Modena Sitar produces some of the most unique and bizarre tones to come from an electric guitar. The ITALIA Modena Sitar is loaded with three lipstick pickups (one specially designed for the mini-harp) each having its own individual Volume and Tone controls for endless variations of blending. No other instrument can reproduce what this one does. The ITALIA Modena Sitar is unique and fresh providing a different outlook on modern electric guitar.

    Standard tuning for the harp is the lowest string tuned an octave above the high E of a standard guitar tuning. The following strings are tuned in half steps from there.

    This is only a standard tuning recommendation. The beauty of the sitar is you can really get some unique and interesting sounds by altering these harp tunings. One customer suggested to use a ‘drop D’ tuning for the guitar, and tuning the sympathetic strings to a D7sus chord. D F# G A C A G F# G A C D D. But thats just the beginning! Experiment with other crazy and wild tunings to really find that unique sound to accent your song.