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    MSRP $1,099.99

    Street Price $879.99

    The Italia Europa is a German-carved solid body design that pays homage to some very innovative European designs from the 60’s. The Europa has 3 Italia ITM-5 Mini Humbuckers, roller-saddle bridge and the fantastically engineered Les Tree II tremolo. The pickups are controlled by a master volume, and master tone, and a center pickup volume control that gives you maximum control of the sound you are looking for, all encased in a beautifully crafted 3-ply tortoise pickguard. The roasted maple bolt-on neck adorns a Bolivian Rosewood fingerboard, with a graphite nut.

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    Fiorano Standard

    MSRP $1,199.99

    Street Price $959.99

    The Fiorano Standard features a full hollow-chambered construction that provides a full rich tone and great sustain You simply won’t believe how good two dog-ear magnetic pickups integrated into a full hollow body construction can sound. The vintage dog-ear pickup design is the perfect compliment to the unique body construction providing versatile natural sounds. Together with the super-fast neck makes the Fiorano a perfect choice for playing any musical style.

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    Imola Vario

    MSRP $949.99

    Street Price $759.99

    We couldn’t leave well enough alone. The Imola Vario is a redesign of the Imola 6, but with some fresh, clean design changes, a redesigned body cavity for better tone, as well as weight reduction, and even more tonal variation in the pickup configurations…as if that were possible. We couldn’t help but go back to the classic style 3-way switches to split the bass and treble sides of all 3 Italia Duplex pickups (or to control the SIX mini pickups…you decide). OK. So the old Imola 6 did all that…BUT, we added a 5 position rotary switch that allows for you to dial every combination imaginable. Think about it…you can choose the 2nd position of the rotary switch, have the bass side only of the neck pickup, treble side only of the center, and then click the rotary to 4th position for bridge and center pickup for the solo, and have a completely different sound configuration for the bridge pickup! This truly is about the most tonally diverse 6 string ever made. This is tone for days. Find YOUR sound in the wide range of options available. The Imola Vario features Wilkinson WV6 Vintage tremolo with Italia locking machines, with a silky graphite nut to keep things perfectly in tune while getting your vibrato on. The chambered Alder body with Maple top are bolted to a rock maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, and Italia’s inverted headstock. This is NOT your grandfathers single cutaway here folks.

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    Jeffrey Foskett JF12 Signature

    MSRP $1,349.99

    Street Price $1,079.99

    The Jeffrey Foskett Signature Series brings the 12-string back to center stage! Each year millions of people listen to Jeffrey Foskett hit the high notes on the road with The Beach Boys and rocking out those signature guitar licks! We packed a lot of features into our first ever Signature model. Its wired with a master volume and master tone, just like Jeff has all of his guitars wired. Some truly unique features that set this guitar apart are the independent on/off switches for each pickup (with LED indicators), and we replaced the traditional pickup selector switch with a ‘Blend’ control knob with center detent. This never seen before combination allows for unlimited pickup control and tonal variation allowing you to dial in the exact sound you’re looking for. The LED located under the pickups make it clear which pickup is on. The independent on/off switches allow you to dial in that perfect tone you want, but have the switches turned off until you’re ready to play. This guitars secret weapon is the FosQ enhancement circuit. The ‘Jangle’ and ‘Boost’ controls give you amazing tonal shaping and boost control to get that really shimmery classic 12 string tone that everyone is searching for.

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    Jeffrey Foskett JF6 Signature

    MSRP $1,199.99

    Street Price $959.99

    Foskett has been playing hollow body style 6 strings for over 40 years now, and asked us if we could make one that was a little different than all of the others out there. This super-clean three pickup ‘Tonezilla’ gives you access to every possible pickup combination…with no selector switch. You can ‘dial in’ any combination and fine tune variation between all 3 pickups. Using the same ‘Blend Control’ knob as first seen on the JF12, you can dial in that perfect combination between neck & bridge pickups. Add in any amount of the center pickup that you desire controlled with it’s own push/pull volume control (which is slaved to the master volume when the center pickup volume control is in the ‘push’ mode, and fully independent volume control when ‘pulled’). Thats a ton of tonal versatility and control!

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    Jeffrey Foskett JFQ Signature

    MSRP $1,399.99

    Street Price $1,119.99

    The latest in the Foskett Signature Series. Introducing the JF’Q’. The ‘Q’ is deep body single cutaway design with exceptional tone. Utilizing the wiring configuration first seen in the JF6, this three mini humbucker pickup gives you complete control over every possible pickup combination…and once again with no selector switch. You can ‘dial in’ any combination and fine tune variation between all 3 pickups. Using the same ‘Blend Control’ knob as first seen on the JF12, you can dial in that perfect combination between neck & bridge pickups. Add in any amount of the center pickup that you desire controlled with it’s own push/pull volume control (which is slaved to the master volume when the center pickup volume control is in the ‘push’ mode, and fully independent volume control when ‘pulled’). And just to add one more layer of control, we have added individual pushbutton LED on/off switches for each of the three pickups located conveniently under each respective pickup making it simple to know which pickups are active and which are off.

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    Maranello ’61 MkII

    MSRP $1,049.99

    Street Price $839.99

    The 2nd generation of our very popular Maranello has some very nice new updates. Semi-acoustic tone in a compact, double-cutaway design. This modern take on a retro flavor is lightweight, but a true heavyweight when it comes to tone. The Maranello ‘61’s two high-output Humbuckers are connected with our super 5-way switch to give you limitless classic sounds. The Les Term II vibrato gives all you ‘wobblers’ and ‘dive-bombers’ out there the tool you need to get exactly the sound you want.

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    Maranello Classic MkII

    MSRP $1,049.99

    Street Price $839.99

    The Maranello Classic MkII – The second generation of the Italia original classic design, now lighter weight with the same amazing tone. The back of the body and neck now have a stunning prism white pearlescent painted finish, and newly updated Italia ITV-5 pickups with Italia ‘I’ case design. Originally designed in collaboration with famed guitar designer Trev Wilkinson, was inspired by an early 60’s Hagström model. Starting with that inspiration, it was refined into a timeless single cutaway guitar design that has that authentic European 60’s look and a classic solid body vintage sound, yet with the playability and reliability of a modern instrument. Features include a fully pearloid wrapped body and neck, a uniquely contoured ‘res-o-glass’ composite pickguard which completely houses all of the controls as well as the Wilkinson vintage-voiced alnico V pickups, and an ergonomically designed input jack that keeps the jack protected and out of the players way. This modular pickguard design allows for easy access for maintenance or modification of the pickups and the electronics. The unique Maranello Classic ‘res-o-glass’ pickguard design sits deep inside the routed hollow body cavity, allowing for a reduced neck angle that is not typical for Les Paul type designs. This construction technique allows for the pickups to be mounted more flush with the top of the pickguard, bringing the strings closer to the surface area of the pickguard creating a rich, fuller resonance.

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    Maranello Intero

    MSRP $1,049.99

    Street Price $839.99

    The newest addition to the Maranello series is the Intero. The Intero features semi-acoustic tone in a compact, slim, ‘no-cutaway’ design. The chambered Mahogany body with natural Spruce top give a smooth and open sound while providing lush comfort for playability. The ITM-5 humbucker is accompanied by a piezo bridge pickup, which can be dialed is using the blend control knob to find just the sweet spot you are looking for.

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    Modena Challenge

    MSRP $1,149.99

    Street Price $919.99

    The Modena Challenge has some major differences that set this apart from the rest of its family. The Challenge has an ultra-thin body design bolted to an oil-finished hard rock maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard. The Official Bigsby tremolo adds the perfect touch to maximize the tonal versatility of this powerhouse instrument, which are powered by three…yes three Italia Toaster Style Mini Humbucker pickups, with a 5 way position switch, master volume and tone that give you a vast range of sound possibilities. Tone alone does not make this guitar amazing. The style and comfort are something you won’t soon forget once you’ve played it.

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    Modena Sitar

    MSRP $999.99

    Street Price $799.99

    This electric sitar is a unique instrument that utilizes the Gotoh Buzz bridge producing the sympathetic string sound of a traditional sitar. In addition to the unique sound is the mini-harp on the upper part of the body. Tuned in half-steps, this mini-harp has its own lipstick pickup and produces resonating overtones to the primary strings. In effect, the ITALIA Modena Sitar produces some of the most unique and bizarre tones to come from an electric guitar. The ITALIA Modena Sitar is loaded with three lipstick pickups (one specially designed for the mini-harp) each having its own individual Volume and Tone controls for endless variations of blending. No other instrument can reproduce what this one does. The ITALIA Modena Sitar is unique and fresh providing a different outlook on modern electric guitar.

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    Mondial Classic

    MSRP $1,049.99

    Street Price $839.99

    The Mondial Classic hits at the very core of what the Italia product line is about. Inspired by some of the cool fiberglass top designs coming out of the 50’s & 60’s, the Mondial Classic features a ‘Res-O-Glass’ top and mahogany back, complete with the rubber-bound edges found on those classic period pieces. The most unique feature for the Mondial Classic is that it houses two completely independent pickup systems, all the way down to separate output jacks for each system. The first system is a standard neck and bridge configuration with 2 Wilkinson WVC Humbuckers, a 3-way selector switch, and master volume and tone controls. The second system is an ‘under the bridge’ piezo ‘acoustic’ style pickup thats integrated into the wooden bridge, has a 2 band EQ Tone control, and independent volume control. These two separate systems give a wide range of tonal control and diversification thats not found on most guitars. You can run the two pickup system into 2 separate amps, and blend the sounds to create a full, rich ‘doubling’ sound combination with two fully different tones. The piezo has great acoustic sound characteristics, and with the two band EQ controls, you can really fine-tune that sound that your wanting out of the piezo. Combine that sweet clean sound from the piezo with a slightly dirty, edgy sound from the humbuckers and you’ll be blown away. If you’re playing a song or a set that doesn’t need the blend of two systems, just plug in to the humbucker jack and rock it like you normally do, or for an acoustic sound, plug it into the piezo and rock that solo. Its totally up to you.