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    Maranello ’61

    MSRP $1,349.99

    Street Price $1,079.99

    Semi-acoustic tone in a compact, double-cutaway design. This modern take on a retro flavor is lightweight, but a true heavyweight when it comes to tone. The Maranello ‘61’s two high-output Humbuckers are connected with our super 5-way switch to give you limitless classic sounds. The Vintage Vibrato gives all you ‘wobblers’ and ‘dive-bombers’ out there the tool you need to get exactly the sound you want.

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    Maranello Cavo Bass

    MSRP $1,199.99

    Street Price $959.99

    The Maranello Cavo, our newest addition to the Maranello series, is a short scale semi-hollow body 4-string bass that packs enormous punch in a very comfortable package. The Cavo features a chambered Mahogany body construction with Italia’s signature f-hole design, resulting in a stunningly classic vintage look. The Cavo’s light weight, and 30” scale length, make this a very comfortable instrument, and much easier to endure those marathon long sets or sessions without the need to visit a chiropractor.

    The Cavo has a super-tight, punchy, silky smooth tone. The Italia Toaster pickups were dialed in to deliver very tight low-mids and resonant highs, yet without sacrificing the rich juicy lows needed to hold down the rhythm. From the sound you’ll hardly believe your playing a short scale bass, only reminded of this by how comfortable it is to play.

    We have once again swapped out the standard 3 position switch for our more tonally diversified ‘blend’ control knob. The blend control knob allows you to sweep through the entire range of combinations between neck and bridge pickups. You know your both pickups on once you hit the center detent position on the blend control. Why settle for close when you can have it exactly the way you want it.

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    Maranello Classic

    MSRP $1,199.99

    Street Price $959.99

    The Maranello Classic – designed in collaboration with famed guitar designer Trev Wilkinson, was inspired by an early 60’s Hagström model. Starting with that inspiration, it was refined into a timeless single cutaway guitar design that has that authentic European 60’s look and a classic solid body vintage sound, yet with the playability and reliability of a modern instrument. Features include a fully pearloid wrapped body and neck, a uniquely contoured ‘res-o-glass’ composite pickguard which completely houses all of the controls as well as the Wilkinson vintage-voiced alnico V pickups, and an ergonomically designed input jack that keeps the jack protected and out of the players way. This modular pickguard design allows for easy access for maintenance or modification of the pickups and the electronics. The unique Maranello Classic ‘res-o-glass’ pickguard design sits deep inside the routed hollow body cavity, allowing for a reduced neck angle that is not typical for Les Paul type designs. This construction technique allows for the pickups to be mounted more flush with the top of the pickguard, bringing the strings closer to the surface area of the pickguard creating a rich, fuller resonance.

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    Maranello Classic Bass

    MSRP $1,249.99

    Street Price $999.99

    Maranello basses boast a unique tonal spectrum from the strategically positioned pickups and unique string-to-body coupling from the massive bridge assembly. Features include ITALIA’s unique floating control plate, stop tail piece and bridge combination, and two Wilkinson Bass Humbuckers.

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    Maranello Roadster

    MSRP $1,099.99

    Street Price $879.99

    Loud in every sense of the word, the Maranello Roadster manages to combine classy minimalism with exuberant self-confidence. A true ‘players’ instrument with a fantastic neck, great sustain and awesome tone, delivered via the ‘Vintage Voiced’ Wilkinson Humbucker. From the ‘go-faster’ stripes for those fiery solos….. to the checkered flag-taking formula with the ‘go-faster’ Roadster II. The guitar features a distinctive Korina body with ‘cut off’ upper and lower body horns and a set maple neck, topped off with a ‘speed accessible’ rosewood fingerboard. Don’t miss those go-faster ‘accelerating’ split-block slim fret markers! Topping off the retro vibe is the solid-mounted Wilkinson Intonated Wrapover Bridge. The Maranello Roadster M comes in the choice of alluring ‘Italia-Marbling’ color patterns, making a vivid visual and sonic statement of intent.