Mondial Series

The distinctive Mondial series encapsulates the essence of the Italia product line. Its all retro, while being completely state of the art in electronic design and premium hardware. Amazing aesthetics. Amazing sound. Amazing playability. Highly unique tonal variations, courtesy of a wooden piezo equipped jazz bridge that provides a clean acoustic strum and top end with active bass & treble controls. When both signals are mixed together from their separate output jacks, the versatile Italia Mondial Classic creates a multidimensional sound that is ideal for both stage and studio.

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    Mondial Classic

    MSRP $1,049.99

    Street Price $839.99

    The Mondial Classic hits at the very core of what the Italia product line is about. Inspired by some of the cool fiberglass top designs coming out of the 50’s & 60’s, the Mondial Classic features a ‘Res-O-Glass’ top and mahogany back, complete with the rubber-bound edges found on those classic period pieces. The most unique feature for the Mondial Classic is that it houses two completely independent pickup systems, all the way down to separate output jacks for each system. The first system is a standard neck and bridge configuration with 2 Wilkinson WVC Humbuckers, a 3-way selector switch, and master volume and tone controls. The second system is an ‘under the bridge’ piezo ‘acoustic’ style pickup thats integrated into the wooden bridge, has a 2 band EQ Tone control, and independent volume control. These two separate systems give a wide range of tonal control and diversification thats not found on most guitars. You can run the two pickup system into 2 separate amps, and blend the sounds to create a full, rich ‘doubling’ sound combination with two fully different tones. The piezo has great acoustic sound characteristics, and with the two band EQ controls, you can really fine-tune that sound that your wanting out of the piezo. Combine that sweet clean sound from the piezo with a slightly dirty, edgy sound from the humbuckers and you’ll be blown away. If you’re playing a song or a set that doesn’t need the blend of two systems, just plug in to the humbucker jack and rock it like you normally do, or for an acoustic sound, plug it into the piezo and rock that solo. Its totally up to you.

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    Mondial Classic Bass

    MSRP $1,149.99

    Street Price $919.99

    Created as a perfect complement to the Mondial guitars, the bass versions produces deep bass tones from the massive single-pole constructed Humbucking neck pickup. Blend in the bridge piezo to create unparalleled unique tonal textures, or use the piezo on its own for the true acoustic bass sound. The range of tonal options make the Mondial Deluxe and Classic easily the most versatile bass instruments on the scene.

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    Mondial Deluxe

    MSRP $1,049.99

    Street Price $839.99

    The Mondial Deluxe provides both dual Humbucker pickups along with a Piezo acoustic pickup creating the ability to blend the two for rich, complex tonalities. The Piezo acoustic bridge is kept in check by an onboard three band active EQ, and the WVC Wilkinson Humbuckers feature a traditional passive tone control. Both the look and sound of the Mondial Deluxe are derived from the selection of classic tone-producing woods used in its construction. The maple and mahogany complement each other to perfection. The three-ply pickguard, distinctive Italia tailpiece and ornate custom fretmarkers are the finishing touches to a guitar masterpiece.